Shenzhen Optico Communication Co. , Ltd.

The cable production base of Shenzhen Optico Communication Co. , Ltd. is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zones of Hanchuan, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 30,000 m2 + , including 20,000 m2 + Plant area and 6,000 M2 office building. At present, We can produce the largest amount of GYTC8S -- 288 optical cable, and the sheathed production line has 5 sets of Fig.8 cable clamps and 5 sets of steel strand laying frames. If the delivery period is 2 months, the 5 production lines can produce about 5500km GYTC8S -- 288 optical cable, if the hardware facilities are added, add a steel stranded wire rack, 6 lines can be produced about 6500km, more than 35m/min to ensure the forming effect of optical cable. We have more than 280 skilled operators here and more than 18 engineers for R & D in the cable production base. In the production equipment, we now have 15 shader lines, 20 indoor cable production lines, 12 loose sheathed lines, 18 stranded lines,