Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.

Xiongxing Group has 3 companies and factories, namely: Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.、Guangdong Xiongxing New Material Co.,Ltd .and Guangzhou Weilianda Plasticizer Co.,Ltd. At present, the products of Xiongxing Group are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, and the annual export volume of products continues to grow. It is an enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and sales. It has developed into one of the largest and most complete professional manufacturers of plastic calendered film and plastic decorative film in South China. Regarding our factory, the total area of the factory is more than 219,831 square meters, and the total investment amount is as high as 2.5 billion.There are more than 800 employees, including 98 engineers and technicians.