Xi'an Le Sen Bio-technology Co., Ltd., set up in Shaanxi Province which is the location of the great and famous Terra Cotta Warriors. Our company is a leading manufacturer of Standardized Herbal Extract, API, Fruits and Vegetable Powder, Herbal pure powder and Le Sen will be a market leader in providing Quality Ingredients to the Pharmaceutical, Cosmaceutical, Beverage, Food, Nutraceutical, Feed industries in a timely and dependable manner. Our factory and the center of quality control is located in No 11, Xinqiao Road, Yangling, Xi'an. It has advanced production equipment and testing instruments, including pre-treatment and extraction of Chinese herbal medicines, five production lines of tablets, capsules, granules and soft capsules. The production capacity is 1,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines. We have the certificates of Kosher, SC, ISO9001, HACCP based on the GMP grade workshop. Meanwhile we can supply OEM and ODM service.